Hey ya’ll! It’s Nika aka DebtFreeGonnaBe and welcome to the Debt Free Gonnabe Blog! 

I’m originally from Annapolis, MD but now call Washington, DC home and I love living in the city!

I consider myself an avid foodie and although my budget doesn’t always allow it, I love checking out new restaurants and enjoying food experiences (think eating with your fingers or even in the dark).

When I’m not working, on Instagram, or obsessing over budgets and spreadsheets, I like to spend my time crafting, solving anagrams, enjoying a bottle of wine (or two) with friends, volunteering, or curled up on the sofa with a good book. However, between the months of March and September, you will find me at Nationals Park rooting for the 2019 World Series Champions…the Washington Nationals!

In September 2018, I got serious about my debt and future and have become passionate about all things personal finance. So join me as I side hustle my ass off to slay over $200,000 worth of debt on my way to living the life I want and know I deserve. It is my hope that by sharing the good, bad and ugly of this journey with you, that I can inspire and motivate you to get serious and get focused about your own finances and future…so that you can live the life you want and deserve! 

Let’s slay this debt and increase our net worth together!

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