My Review of the Becta Design Cash Envelopes

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For some people, spending cash is harder to do than using a debit/credit card. I’m definitely one of those people so I budget cash to use for categories that I tend to overspend in or want to control such as eating out, gas, groceries, and clothes.

Usually, I would just keep my cash organized with gold paper clips (because I’m fancy) and post its because then the cash could still fit in my everyday wallet. I needed something that didn’t require a special kind of wallet or binder. However, when I was contacted about trying the Becta Design Cash Envelopes and after looking into them a little more, my interest was piqued and I thought maybe it was time to give cash envelopes a chance.

They arrived pretty quickly and I was first surprised at receiving TWELVE adorable cash envelopes with fun designs like mountains, pineapples, clouds, hearts, and even llamas. Most of the cash envelopes I’ve seen for sale are sold in sets of 5 or 6.

The envelopes are made from a plastic that’s pretty durable, resistant to tear, are waterproof…oh and they SNAP closed! Plus, because they are made from plastic, they can be hole punched to fit any cash envelope wallet or organizer, without apart or your cash falling out.

Each cash envelope came with a double-sided budget sheet to keep track of your transactions and running balances for each category and a label to stick on the outside of the envelope to identify the budget category.

They were easy to use and are the perfect size (6.5 inches x 3.3 inches) to store cash and receipts. I was very pleased when I realized I could actually fit a few in my wallet at one time without it being hard to close or becoming bulky.

But what I really liked about these cash envelopes, and what I think makes them even more unique, was that inside each cash envelope was a coordinating coin pouch…a COIN POUCH! A coin pouch that also snapped closed to keep all the coins safe!

Before I would just place all of the change I received in the zippered part of my wallet, but the coin pouch made it easy to keep the coins for each category together so I have exactly what my budget sheet for the envelope says.

I love them and recommend them if you’ve been wanting to try cash envelopes or are looking for a more heavy duty option.

Because I loved them so much Becta Design is offering a 20% off discount to my friends in the Debt Free Community! So if you want to give the Becta Cash Envelopes a try, just use promo code DFCGET20 to save 20%!

This is not an ad or a sponsored post. This review reflects my personal experience and genuine opinion of the Becta Design Cash Envelopes.

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