My Biggest Money Regret: Student Loans

As my mother’s oldest child and my grandparent’s oldest granddaughter, I was going to be a first to go to college. Before me, my grandmother had been the only formally educated one and she was my motivation. She grew up during the times of segregation and was the only one of her siblings to finishContinue reading “My Biggest Money Regret: Student Loans”

Why No Spend Days Should Be A Part Of Your Financial Goals + a Freebie!

It’s a new year and that means we have the opportunity to set the vision for how we want the year to go and make the plan to bring that vision to fruition. If you’ve made the decision to take control of your finances, then you’ve certainly set some financial goals for the year. WhetherContinue reading “Why No Spend Days Should Be A Part Of Your Financial Goals + a Freebie!”

5 Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

My first experience with Facebook Marketplace came in September when, after much of my urging to purge, the boyfriend allowed me to list a few of his FunkoPOPs he was going to trash. Out of the 3 I listed, I received some inquires that never lead anywhere for one of the items and was ableContinue reading “5 Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace”

How Being in Debt Led to My Depression

Money and especially debt aren’t usually topics that are easily brought up among families, yet alone with strangers. Those of us riddled with debt can get into the habit of comparing ourselves to others and/or are reluctant to ask for help or share our financial situation with others, for fear of judgement. As a result,Continue reading “How Being in Debt Led to My Depression”